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Mt. Horeb...A Brief History

The year was 1840.  That’s when Charles Wilkes was the first to identify Antarctica as a new continent; the world's first adhesive postage stamp was issued by Great Britain; American inventor Samuel Morse patented his telegraph; and William Henry Harrison became our 9th president.  Meanwhile, plans were completed and a humble frame church was built on Carter’s Mill Road at Huddleston, Virginia.  This is  where the history of Mt. Horeb Methodist Church began.

Mt. Horeb in 1840

As plans were made, the church was to be called Mt. Horeb for a reason.  In the Bible, this was the place where God first spoke to Moses from a burning bush.  Mt. Horeb was known as “the Mountain of God.”  As Moses begins to come closer, God tells him to remove his shoes for the place he was standing was “holy ground.”

   In the hearts and minds of the faithful people establishing this church, they wanted to set the site apart as a holy place…committed totally and completely to the glory of God…a place where everyone would be welcome for prayer, study of the Holy Scriptures and authentic worship.

church plate picture
picture of church today

Mt. Horeb Today

Though Mt. Horeb is located within a small surrounding community, through the years well over a thousand youth, children and adults are known to have been part of this ongoing ministry.

   As our heart-felt ministry continues, we would like to invite you to come and walk with us on the journey ahead. 

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